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Graham G. Hughes

This is Graham

That's me, this is Forth Street, and I build custom web applications for SMEs. I'm a business analyst and full-stack software developer, and I've worked with and for some recognisable brands in the cinema industry.

Check out my LinkedIn for details.

Who can...

Solve that workflow problem! Sometimes you can buy an off-the-shelf package but sometimes you just need something that fits around your business.
  • organise your data
  • produce new insights, and
  • create efficiencies


If you're a growing company, innovation is key. Work with Forth Street and together we'll create something new. My work is:
  • Agile — the flexible approach to development
  • Reliable — software that just works
  • User-friendly — clean and simple interfaces

So, let's chat!

  +44 789 008 0780


  South London. I will happily travel to meet you and your team.